VLOOKUP between two dates and return corresponding value with lookup formula

People have different sources of income and many employers make sure that they check on each move their employees make wile in their work areas. Supposing you have a report of some projects schedule, now, you want to get the specific project/sales of a given time which is between two given dates of the schedule. In cases of salespersons, the cases of monitoring are simple because the data could be fed in the database, and whenever a record for a particular day is needed it is easily picked out.

The task can easily be performed by the use of the VLOOKUP command. The question comes in how you are going to perform this task. The process is a little advanced because it combines many commands than compared to the other simple one. There are a couple of steps that we can follow to lookup for corresponding values between two dates. These steps are discussed below.

Step 1

Record data in a blank excel sheet like the one below if you do not have any other excel sheet records to rely on in this activity

Step 2

The above data set has two dates, January and February, we need to look for the values for example in one date and print them on a different column. To do this, we need to identify the cells with such values. These cells will identify them with the help of the VLOOKUP function or the MATCH function. The formula for the lookup will be; =INDEX (C2:C6, MATCH (1, (F1=A2:A6) * (F2=B2:B6) * (F3=C2:C6), 0)). The formula will output the value of cells A2, B2, and C2. You can repeat the formula if you wish to get the values from another cell other than the one I have used in the formula.

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